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VPN or Express Route

Welcome to Bhuman IT, where we specialize in providing you with Azure ExpressRoute services, a dedicated and secure connection between your on-premises network and Microsoft Azure cloud. Our specialized offerings empower you to enjoy consistent, high-performance connectivity, enhanced security, and seamless integration between your infrastructure and the cloud.


At Bhuman IT, we're committed to providing you with reliable and high-performance Azure ExpressRoute services. Our offerings empower you to connect to Azure with confidence, enjoying the benefits of dedicated and secure cloud connectivity.

High-Performance Cloud Connectivity

ExpressRoute provides a dedicated and private connection to Azure, ensuring predictable performance and low latency for your applications.

  • High Bandwidth

Enjoy higher bandwidth options, making ExpressRoute ideal for data-intensive workloads, large data transfers, and real-time applications.

  • Reliability

With a direct connection to Azure data centers, ExpressRoute offers improved reliability and reduced exposure to the variability of the public internet.

  • Enhanced Security

Data transferred through ExpressRoute remains within a private connection, reducing exposure to potential security risks associated with public internet-based solutions.

  • Hybrid Scenarios

Utilize ExpressRoute for hybrid cloud scenarios, seamlessly integrating your on-premises infrastructure with Azure resources.

Our Azure ExpressRoute Services

  • Connection Setup

We assist you in setting up your ExpressRoute connection, including selecting the right connectivity provider and bandwidth option.

  • Design and Architecture

Our experts design the network architecture to ensure efficient traffic flow and connectivity between your on-premises and Azure resources.

  • Configuration and Integration

We configure your routers and Azure networking components to establish a seamless and secure connection.

  • Performance Optimization

Our team ensures your ExpressRoute connection is optimized for performance, providing consistent and reliable data transfer.

  • Monitoring and Management

We provide ongoing monitoring and management of your ExpressRoute connection to ensure its health and reliability.


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