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Dedicated Servers

Welcome to Bhuman IT, your destination for reliable and powerful Cloud Hosting Dedicated Servers. Our specialized services offer you dedicated hardware within a cloud environment, combining the best of both worlds – the flexibility of the cloud and the performance of dedicated servers.


At Bhuman IT, we're dedicated to providing you with a reliable and high-performance solution through our Cloud Hosting Dedicated Servers. Our offerings empower you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hardware resources within a flexible and scalable cloud environment.

High-Performance Cloud Hosting Dedicated Servers

 Experience consistent and unparalleled performance with dedicated hardware resources for your applications and workloads.

  • Customization

Customize your dedicated server configuration, including CPU, RAM, storage, and operating system, to suit your exact requirements.

  • Isolation

Enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources, ensuring that your server's performance is not affected by the activities of other users.

  • Scalability

Seamlessly scale your resources up or down based on your evolving needs, ensuring your server can handle changing workloads.

  • Reliability

Our cloud infrastructure is designed for high availability and redundancy, minimizing downtime and ensuring stability.

Our Cloud Hosting Dedicated Server Features

  • Dedicated Resources

Experience the power of dedicated CPU, RAM, and storage for consistent and reliable performance.

  • Custom Configuration

 Choose the exact hardware configuration, including CPU, RAM, storage type, and capacity, to meet your requirements.

  • Full Root Access

Gain complete administrative control over your dedicated server, enabling you to configure and manage it as needed.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

Our expert support team is available round the clock to assist you with any technical queries or issues.

  • SSD Storage

Benefit from fast and reliable Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for improved data access and overall speed.


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